Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Statement:

Following notice explains how all your personal information might be used and disclosed. Further the notice will describe how you can have access to this information. So make sure you review this very carefully.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Your privacy is always important to us. We keep every step to assure high level security to all your personal and financial information. We consider it as our prior responsibility.

Greatly appreciating the trust which you place in us, we try to safeguard and protect your trust. We highly respect and admire all our applicants’ privacy even beyond the completion of formal customer-relationship.

We require only such information which will help us serve you in a better and more efficient way. We normally collect demographic information including your name and address, and credit information related to your account with us.

A major share of your personal information is collected from your applications or other similar forms. Besides this we also rely on information provided by consumer reporting agencies mainly in order to understand your credit worthiness and credit history. We also collect information about your transactions with us and with others.

Some information is collected from the earlier employers as well as other agents who provided you similar loans. Such information is mainly used for analyzing your check payment record.


We share your personal information with companies only in cases under permitted circumstances or if required by law. Our disclosures typically include some information which is highly required to process transactions on your behalf, or conduct our company’s operations, follow instructions as you authorize, or to safeguard the security of our financial records. We disclose your information to some credit reporting agencies, national databases and other companies which provide services related to your account.

Valuing your privacy and your placed trust, we restrict all access to those employees who need not necessarily know such information in order to provide any products or services to you.

Additional to all, we diligently maintain all kinds of safeguard – methods (like physical, electronic, and procedural) to protect your absolutely personal information. We assure to defend all unauthorized access to your all sorts of information.

Secured storage measures are very essential for our business as well as for your protection as a user. We thus use high safeguard- measures which will prevent all unauthorized accesses to your personal information with us. We never permit any unauthorized access, use, disclosure, destruction and any kind of modification.

We provide our customers default encryption during any transmission of their personally identifiable information without regarding the browser type of the user.

Our servers physically located in a sophisticated co-location facility, provide emergency back-up electrical power generators, fire suppression systems, and guard protection 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.


We are highly committed to protect the privacy of our users. With the aim to communicate the specifics of our commitment, we have posted the Privacy Policy which we follow. In addition, we will face any complaints or questions which our customers may have regarding either this policy or its implementation.

If case of any sort of complaints or questions regarding our privacy Policy, you can send your email to us directly.