Payday Loans Frequently Asked Questions

Duepayday.com answers to the most frequently asked questions by you.

1. What is a cash advance?

A cash advance is a loan which one take from the lender incase if he or she falls into a financial crisis before the actual payday. A cash advance offers your required amount when you need it most.

A cash advance is highly useful in situations of financial crunch which befall on you in between paydays. Such cash loans offer instant money within a very few hours after the approval of your request. Normally a cash advance is deposited directly in to your current checking account.

2. How much can I qualify for?

Your qualification mostly depends on your monthly income. We provide several financial loans ($200, $300, $400 and up to $500) but normally the loan amount would not be more than 50% of your paycheck.

3. How does my poor credit affect my qualification?

Normally your poor credit history does not affect your qualification much. We do not demand or require your good credit or any credit history of you at all. This is one of the main differences between other financial agencies and us.

Either you can directly contact us for further clarification over your qualification or you can simply fill up the application form and apply to us.

4. What does it cost?

However the application form is free and no amount is charged. Basing on the loan amount you require we charge a fee. The Truth –In- Lending -Document discloses the terms and conditions to you. Remember your digital sign is required for receiving the loan amount.

We disclose all our fees, terms and conditions in a standard format as per the rules of the US government. This clear disclosure enable the consumers to understand all necessary and important details of loan which they are about to take.

5. What all documents I need to FAX to get a payday loan?

We require no documents to be faxed. We follow electronic verification system. Moreover we require you to sign digitally on the loan documents on our website.

Only in rare cases where we fail to verify your information, you are requested to provide more information about you.

6. How fast do I get the cash?

Immediately after sending your applications, you will be directed as where to sign on your digital loan documents. Within few hours you will be called by a loan agent to confirm your application.

Sooner your confirmation, sooner your required amount of loan will be deposited in your account by the agent. Your amount can be directly deposited within an hour after your confirming- call with the loan agent.

The delay in confirming your request can cause further delay in depositing of your required amount.

7. What about Friday or the weekend loan requests?

Normally on Monday we deposit all amounts approved before 4:00 PM –(EST) on Friday. All weekend requests are considered as Monday’s requests.

8. What is the normal repayment term?

Normal repayment date is your next paycheck date. However in case of emergency you are free to extend your loan a number of times. We generally directly withdraw the amount along with the fees from your current checking account.

9. What happens if I fail to repay on my due date?

Advisably you have to contact us prior to your due date in case if you are short of fund. In such cases we can make arrangements for a payday loan extension.

Your failure in paying as well as contacting us in time will invite an extra payment of Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee. However you cannot extend the payday loan infinite times. We do not allow any extension for loans with a monthly pay period.

You can make online Loan extensions from the tracking page advisably minimum three days prior to your pay date. Clicking on the available Extension Request link allows you can easily apply for an Extension Request.

10. Is an early repayment possible?

You are free to repay your loan at any time prior to the due date. As the loan fees are not pro-rated there will not be any reduction in fees in case of an early payment. Thus most people wait for the due day to repay.

11. Can I apply by phone?

We do not accept any Phone- invoice request. You must apply online to get the payday loan.

12. How many payday loans can I have at a time?

We allow only one payday loan at a single time. Minimum three banking days are required for applying a new loan after repaying the first loan.

13. Do you accept payday loan applications from all US States?

We admit all payday loan applications from all the 50 US states.